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2003 Halloween Eek! Bat and Magnets


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Thanks to Bearista Agent "M", the Holiday Bearista Collection will be out sometime after Thanksgiving. The collection is said to include:
A 9.5" and 28" Bearista Bear dressed as a Reindeer
A 4" Magnet
A Bearista Bear Pin
There are other collectibles for Christmas, but they are not Bearista, so I am not going to list them.

28th Edition Bearista - "Rudolph"                             28th Edition Jumbo                                  28th Edition Magnet
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(4) Pin Set


Get more information and discuss your collection.  Know of more groups? Let me know and I will add them.

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Let's discuss the changes to the Bearista Bears over the last year. Personally, I am not at all crazy about the new Chenille fur. It is ok on the costumes, but not on the Bearista. I am also disappointed that the Bearista Bears are not fully furred (is that a word?). They seem to have skimped a little.

Has anyone else noticed the quantity of available Bearista Bears is growing. While this means more new collectors looking for a limited supply of vintage Bearista Bears, it also means an over abundance of the new ones ultimately reducing their value. 

If your are listening Starbucks - return to what got you to this point and leave mass quantity production to McDonalds.

Just my opinion. What's yours?


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Do you have a Starbucks collection you would like to share, but don't have a website? If so, email me a picture and I will put it on the site.

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